Review – IV EP – The 1975


The cunningly titled fourth (IV) EP from Manchester’s own The 1975 has arrived for review.  With four, sort of, new tracks prior to the bands first full length album, due to be released in September.

I say sort of new tracks, because the standout single from the EP ‘The City‘ is a re-release from their first EP ‘Facedown’.  The song has been rerecorded, but is essentially the same as first time around, so if you’ve heard the song on the radio, you won’t feel completely adrift listening to it now.  The re-recording of the song is something of a head scratcher and feels a tad lazy, as the previous EP’s have all included one of the bands well known indie pop tracks such as ‘Chocolate‘ on ‘Music for Cars’ and ‘Sex‘ on ‘Sex’ but padded with bizarrely juxtaposing, ambient material.

‘IV’ then, is no different.  However, for all intents and purposes, the fresh tracks are very good, ‘Haunt // Bed‘ blends ambient vocal hooks and hypnotic synth layered over head bobbing drums, truly one of the better EP tracks the guys have produced.  Perhaps the more up tempo ‘So Far (It’s Alright)‘ is more fitting of the engaging ditty’s the band can produce and I would be surprised if it doesn’t make it to be an album track.  The heavily produced guitars playing alongside the almost spoken vocals in the verses, provide an engaging release to the distant chorus melodies while the bass and drums drone rhythmically throughout.  The final tack ‘Fallingforyou‘ is another slow and atmospheric number, feeling more like something from an 80’s ballad crossed with Haim.  Oddly, it does work and is testimony to the vast amount of inspiration the guys draw on in creating their music.

I came into ‘IV’ feeling skeptical that the seemingly schizophrenic personality of the band would eventually be their downfall, but came out pleasantly optimistic about what the album might be like.  The EP isn’t without it’s flaws and I still think the inclusion of ‘The City‘ was a bad call considering it will be the last release before the album.  It’s a difficult blend being attempted by the band but if ‘IV’ tells us anything, it’s that their closer than ever to nailing it.

‘IV’ is available now to buy on iTunes.

Standout songs: The City, So Far (It’s Alright)

Verdict: 3.5/5


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